Journey of Keldamuzik aka Diva

Kelda Williams Journey

Who is Keldamuzik?

Kelda Williams (Born Kelda Williams; 04, April 1983), also known by his stage name Keldamuzik aka “Diva” is an American artist, singer, songwriter, producer, TV host, writer, actress, and entrepreneur. Born in Bay Area, known for her hit singles “Queen for A Night” and “Thirsty” which are both on her 4th studio album, Diva TV (2010). Has toured internationally with R&B singer Lloyd, Kid Ink, and Jah Cure. Songs from her 4 albums have featured on MTV’s “Real World” and Oxygen channel’s “Bad Girls Club”. Diva extracts her entrepreneurial skills with Tamz – The World’s Flyest Beret. Additionally, as a passionate communicator, Keldamuzik launched her podcast, “Diva Talk Podcast,” on iHeartRadio. Through this platform, she engages with listeners, sharing her insights, experiences, and conversations with industry professionals.

How it started?

Keldamuzik realized at the age of 5 the entertainment biz was her calling, starting off signing to local talent agencies in the Bay Area and auditioning for mainstream commercials, Kelda caught the acting bug.

After a few stints, she migrated over to modelling, participating in fashion shows throughout the Bay Area, and working with local established photographers. She then started to record her first Hip Hop album in 2005.

Kelda then moved to Oakland CA, and took the name “Keldamuzik” as her primary stage name and “Diva” as her alias. She has professionally released 4 Hip Hop albums under Loud Dust Recordings, Malaco Music, DSN and AMAdea Music.

Journey so far


Keldamuzik’s diverse talents extend beyond music and fashion. She showcased her acting prowess in the theatre play “How Black Mothers Say I Love You” captivating audiences with her compelling performance. Recently, Diva released her single with Rapper Kafani, and Mika called “Mind Sex”.

Also during the year of 2022 Keldamuzik collaborated with fellow infamous rapper Kafani on the single “Mind Sex”, which premiered on BET Jams for 4 consecutive weeks.

With an international reach, Keldamuzik did a 3-day tour in Switzerland, Europe in 2022. During the well-known holiday of Diwali, she performed for the Asian community and had the honor of opening for the renowned American singer, songwriter, and rapper Adrian Marcel. Her glamorous show left a lasting impression on audiences.


Keldamuzik’s music has gained recognition through various media platforms. She was featured in the 2021 American mystery comedy-drama film as “Mike’s Mom”, “First Date” which was streamed on Hulu, further expanding her fan base and exposure.


March: Keldamuzik’s “I Don”t Care” got featured on Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo TV.


Diva released a new taste of music, which is Pop/ R&B tracks. The following year, Keldamuzik’s single “I Don’t Care” from her album “Diva TV Album” has gained prominence when it was featured on Bravo TV’s popular show, “Atlanta Housewives.” This exposure introduced her music to a wider audience, solidifying her status as a versatile artist.

As a passionate communicator, Keldamuzik launched her podcast, “Diva Talk Podcast,” on iHeartRadio. Through this platform, she engages with listeners, sharing her insights, experiences, and conversations with industry professionals.


 Keldamuzik released her single “That’s Why” under DSN Music.


Diva produced her first short film “Love The Original Way” that was directed by Hassan L. Moore of Elmore Films, which got showcased at Black Hollywood Film Festival also known as BERC. It’s also available on Amazon Prime


Keldamuzik took her talents to television by launching the “Diva Talk Tonite” TV show on Tubi. This platform allowed her to showcase emerging talent, conduct interviews with industry figures, and further establish herself as a respected entertainment personality.


Diva’s music was entered into Pandora and to follow up she has performed at Yoshi’s in San Francisco and Las Vegas’s Hard Rock Hotel. 


Keldamuzik released her single “Queen for a night”. Keldamuzik joined forces with R&B sensation Lloyd for the Summer Music Festival in Tokyo, Japan, where she showcased her talents alongside renowned rappers (YC, J-lie and Kid Ink). During this time, she also collaborated with AriRenee Designs and signed a deal with XRecords/Malaco Music Group, leading to the release of her album, “Super Diva.”


Keldamuzik started “The Cultural Exchange Tour” in which she opened for Jah Cure at the Heroes Music Festival and appeared on Good Morning Antigua twice.


Diva released her third album “Diva TV – The Album” and her hit single “Thirsty” spent 5 weeks on Australia’s Kiss FM’s top 10 chart. Thinking “outside the box” Diva networked and created “The Bay Meets Barbados” tour where she opened for Reggae artist Kirk Brown for several shows on the island of Barbados. Later, she headlined “The Bay Meet St. Maarten” tour for a string of shows; all of the above doing wonders for her Caribbean and International fanbase.


Keldamuzik’s accomplishments extend beyond music and film when her song “Weight Up” was featured in Sony Pictures’ (2010 dark comedy) “Please Give” starring Catherine Keener and Amanda Peete, reaching theatres nationwide. Additionally, her anti-violence anthem, “Squash It” was licensed in MTV’s “Real World San Diego” and Oxygen Channel’s “Bad Girls Club.


Keldamuzik performed at the Barbados’ Agricultural Festival “AgroFest” with Kirk Brown in Barbados.


Keldamuzik recorded her second album, “Diva Album” under Golddigga Entertainment, which was released in October 2007.


Keldamuzik signed a production deal with Squad Music Group and started recording her first album entitled “Shut Up, Listen!” that was released in summer 2005. Relocating to Oakland, she adopted the moniker “Keldamuzik” as her primary stage name, embodying the spirit of a true Diva. With the release of four successful Hip Hop albums, Keldamuzik’s career soared to new heights.


Overall, Keldamuzik continues to flourish releasing hot new music, producing projects and even managing other artists.

She has opened new doors for herself with being cast for the Honeywell/Bendixking as an actor and creating her very own channel on Apple TV and Roku called “Keldamuzik Presents”, which showcases her music videos, films, TV show and behind the scenes of her career.

Keldamuzik stands by her name because she will always be the artist that creates projects with that “one” song you like and performs like no one else is watching, to follow with everything else she has going on.

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