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Keldamuzik Live in Japan

“Keldamuzik in Japan”
“Fan love at Zeppelin Tokyo in Japan”

Diva Talk Tonite, The Podcast Show

Introduction to “The Diva”

Music Artist

Kelda Williams, known professionally as Keldamuzik aka Diva, is an American music artist, actress, TV host, and producer. Born in Bay Area California, she is known for her hit singles “Queen For A Night” and “Thirsty” which are both on her 4th studio album, Diva TV (2010).


Having experience in acting, script writing, and producing, Kelda stars in two upcoming indie films – “Love, The Original Way,” and a web series titled “Who’s Ride is it Anyway?”

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T.V. Host

Kelda’s latest endeavor has been talk show Diva Talk Tonite, which features special guests of all types of industry backgrounds who discuss their profession.

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Keldamuzik is now producing and hosting TV shows as well as producing films, pursing an acting career and running her own entertainment company; Keldamuzik will remind you everyday that she is born to be in this industry.

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In Honeywell Ad Campaign Keldamuzik in the latest Honeywell/Bendixking ad campaign.

Keldamuzik appears in the latest Honeywell/Bendixking ad campaign, that's right! You will see Diva all over your favorite Honeywell products in stores!

In the Uncle Show Keldamuzik In The Uncle Know Show.

Keldamuzik Is The Hot Sexy Daughter In The Uncle Know Show.

As an hilarious obnoxious cop Keldamuzik as an hilarious obnoxious cop.

Keldamuzik plays a hilarious obnoxious cop on first feature film Timbone and Benny.

Starring in Last Chance Realty Keldamuzik starring in Last Chance Realty.

“Keldamuzik starring in Last Chance Realty, behind the scenes” directed by Dana Duan and Tasya Abbot.

Starring in Devil in Plain Sight Keldamuzik starring in Devil in Plain Sight.

“Keldamuzik starring in Devil in Plain Sight” coming soon to Netflix, Googleplay, Hulu”.

The Girls Startup "Girls Startup" The “Girls Startup” crew on set

The “Girls Startup” crew on set (left to right): Sergey Karpuhin (camera b operator), William Cardoza (Director of photography & Camera a operator), Kelda Williams aka Keldamuzik aka Diva (Producer & Actress), T Noel Sylve (Director).

Love the original way Love - The Original Way on Amazon Prime

Now you can watch "Love - The Original Way" on Amazon Prime.

Dinner with the Reinharts Dinner with the Reinharts Behind the scenes with Keldamuzik on the set of Dinner with the Reinharts

Keldamuzik plays Mary, the mother in this dark comedy. Mary who represents an aquatic creature, manages an awkward family and raised two children who are accompanied by dinner guests that night, followed by an obnoxious husband.


Queen for a Night
Solo Video
That’s Why
Single Video
Get Up N Get It
Solo Video
“Magic – Official Video”
New single
“I Don’t Care”
Featured on Real Housewives of Atlanta


Can’t Keep Up










































That’s Why










































Boo Thang










































Get Up N Get It










































Queen For A Night










































Wind Blows (Dirty)










































“Club Song” ft. Nova Boy




















































































“Ninja Style” ft. Netta Brielle and Kuzzo Fly











































Ladies Night With Keldamuzik


Keldamuzik appears Girls Nite out : What’s behind the Curtain?

The DivaTalk Tonite – Party Mixer

Equality International Film Festival


Keldamuzik Show Review

Keldamuzik signs Loud Dust Recordings

Keldamuzik And Romanowski In Tow

Keldamuzik Tours In Barbados

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