Journey of Keldamuzik aka Diva

Kelda Williams Journey

Who is Keldamuzik?

Kelda Williams, known professionally as Keldamuzik aka Diva, is an American music artist, actress, TV host, and producer. Born in Bay Area California, she is known for her hit singles “Queen for A Night” and “Thirsty” which are both on her 4th studio album, Diva TV (2010).

After honing her craft as a music artist, Kelda expanded her brand into different areas of the entertainment industry. From dabbling in other genres of music such as pop and dance, to producing and hosting TV shows, as well as producing films and pursuing an acting career; later she started running her own entertainment company known as Digz Media Group LLC

How it started?

Keldamuzik realized at the age of 5 the entertainment biz was her calling, starting off signing to local talent agencies in the Bay Area and auditioning for mainstream commercials, Kelda caught the acting bug.

After a few stints, she migrated over to modelling participating in fashion shows throughout the Bay Area, and working with local established photographers. She then started to record her first Hip Hop album in 2005.

Kelda then moved to Oakland CA, and took the name “Keldamuzik” as her primary stage name and “Diva” as her alias. She has professionally released 4 Hip Hop albums under Loud Dust Recordings, Malaco Music, DSN and AMAdea Music.

Her career took off rapidly after her first break when she received a licensing opportunity for Sony Entertainment’s film “Please Give”.

After that to follow up she then joined R&B singer Lloyd on a Japan tour. Again she joined Reggae singer Jah Cure in the Caribbean, performing at one of the biggest stadiums in Antigua, and her song “Thirsty” hit number 4 on KISS FM in Australia.

With regards to more song placements, her first single “I Don’t Care” from the “Diva TV Album”, was placed on Bravo TV’s Atlanta Housewives in 2020.

Kelda’s video “Magic” hit the airwaves in 2020, showcasing her versatility in music by singing and creating a fun love song produced by Robot Millennium and written by Mrs. Thesis.

She ventured into other aspects of the entertainment industry, producing her very first film “Love The Original Way” that screened at the Black Hollywood Film Festival.

Her TV project “Diva Talk Tonite”, was an entertainment talk show interviewing local guests of all backgrounds. Kelda also used it as a networking tool to gain more opportunities in show biz. The show stemmed from her original reality TV series “Diva TV” which was a huge indie hit on local access stations in several Bay Area counties.

Journey so far

2021 January

Keldamuzik featured in her first major feature independent film, First Date, which premiered at the Sundance film Festival in San Francisco at the Fort Mason theater.


March: Keldamuzik’s “I Don”t Care” got featured on Real Housewives of Atlanta on Bravo TV.


March: Keldamuzik releases new Pop/R&B Tracks


June: Keldamuzik released “That’s Why


April: Keldamuzik produces her first short film “Love The Original Way“which got showcased at Black Hollywood Film Festival also known as BERC.


February: Keldamuzik launched her very own TV show – “Diva Talk Tonite


July: “Queen for a night” single was released

August: Keldamuzik toured in Japan opening up for R&B singer Lloyd.


July: Keldamuzik performed twice in Antigua opening up for reggae star Jah Cure at the police stadium stadium


April: The Diva TV album released – “Thirsty” Spent six consecutive weeks on Australia’s Kiss FM Radio Station.

August: Keldamuzik performed & press run in St. Marten hosted by DJ OutKast


June: The Diva Project EP released.

Keldamuzik performed at the “AgroFest“with Kirk Brown in Barbados


October: Released “Diva Album

Weight Up” featured in Sony Entertainment’s “Please Give


January: Released first album “Shut Up. Listen


Overall, Keldamuzik continues to flourish releasing hot new music, producing projects and even managing other artists.

She has opened new doors for herself with being cast for the Honeywell/Bendixking as an actor and creating her very own channel on Apple TV and Roku called “Keldamuzik Presents”, which showcases her music videos, films, TV show and behind the scenes of her career.

Keldamuzik stands by her name because she will always be the artist that creates projects with that “one” song you like and performs like no one else is watching, to follow with everything else she has going on.

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