Keldamuzik lights up the entertainment industry with her genuine, positive attitude and her devotion to explore all aspects of the entertainment industry – especially as a recording artist. She introduces dynamic talent throughout her entire brand.

As a recording artist, Kelda entertains audiences with her own original sound, with hits like, “Queen For a Night,” and “Thirsty” (5 weeks number one on KISS FM charts in Melbourne, Australia), in a variety of genres ranging from pop to reggae.

Dasha McQueen

Dasha McQueen is an American born artist originally from Richmond, California where she first recognized her true calling as an artist and her raw, natural talent as a performer. With her faith in God, the help of her family and loved ones and the hard lessons of life, Dasha McQueen has transformed her talents, pain, pleasure, good and bad experiences; determination and skills into an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.

Dasha is not your typical artist and cannot be boxed into one genre or category due to her broad style range. Dasha has an eclectic musical taste and appreciates and incorporates all styles of music into her songs. Her lyrics come from the heart stemming from the struggle, things she has been through, are currently going through or observed. Versatile in craft and music ability. Dasha McQueen is always a work in progress so she continually improves. Her creativity is not limited to music, she is an author, play write and poet as well. In summation, Dasha McQueen is a true artist that holds no punches.


Amir Ashad, (born January 1, 1981) better known by his stage name Kafani is an American rapper from the Funktown section of San Antonio, Oakland, California. He graduated from Oakland High School in 1998 where he played varsity baseball for the Wildcats. He is one half of the Oakland-based rap group Babyface Assassins. He is also signed to Thizz Nation, a subdivision of the late Mac Dre’s label Thizz Entertainment.

Kafani has launched a crowdfunding campaign with a concert on Sept 12, 2014 to acquire an assistive robotic device to walk again.

Ary Chest

A Navy cadet is discharged for homosexuality after the Korean War and is left to survive in San Francisco.

This is the blurb.

One mistake can change a life forever. Effren Gorgens committed the worst sin of all. Caught up in the influence of another man’s impulse, he engages in erotic acts on a Navy ship. His travels back to America turn dark when he’s dishonorably discharged, and stranded alone in San Francisco. He struggles to make peace with an unforgivable vice while building a new life in a strange world. Yet a man’s true identity can never be fought off. Living with homosexual desires is hard. A homosexual falling in love can be deadly.

The Luniz

The Luniz are a platinum-selling rap duo from Oakland, California formed by rappers Yukmouth and Numskull. They released an internationally successful hit in 1995 entitled “I Got 5 on It”, two versions of which appear on their album Operation Stackola. A third version of the song, featuring Oakland rappers Dru Down, Shock G, Richie Rich, E-40, and Spice 1, has also garnered radio play. After years of performing in stadiums in front of large crowds and collaborating with other major artists, Luniz recently landed placement for their song “I Got 5 On It” as a soundtrack in the new horror film “US” produced by Jordan Peele, set to release in theaters across the world on March 22nd – 2019. The buzz has been increasly shining more attention on the Luniz as of late and their music has been streaming on all major platforms (YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify etc.) more than ever. With the attention that they are gaining Luniz plans to do a worldwide tour performing their famous hit along with other songs featured on their latest album.