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Good Bye DMX

Good Bye DMX

Hey, what’s up you guys this is Keldamuzik (aka diva). I just wanted to chat with you guys briefly and share my thoughts and opinions on certain situations. 


First, I wanted to start with DMX. Gosh, rest rest in peace brother. I’m glad we did give him his roses while he was here. You know,  it’s so sad to see him go. 

But, you know, he’s in a better place. He’s peaceful. You know, we’re all gonna miss him, it’s really it’s a bad month right now for hip hop, you know, we’re all really saddened by DMX his passing and, you know, just he made hits, he made anthems he made songs that will forever be in your mind that will forever be played on the radio. 


His whole sound was like the soundtrack to my life in high school. Like just getting up every day, then DMX comes on the radio, and you’re just like, Damn, you know, I’m feeling good. Like he makes you feel good.

He’s, he’s motivating. And he’s inspired so many artists. But you know, he left his legacy with us and we just need to continue to embrace him and what he has left with us. So, again, rip DMX.


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