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Duarte Wright – we are the voice of change!

Duarte Wright – we are the voice of change!

Shooting an unarmed, young African American man. It’s just disappointing. And you know, I’m glad celebrities are speaking up on their platforms and you know, they’re trying to fight for justice for, for everybody for George Floyd for Brianna Taylor for a mod. 

Aubrey and now Duarte, right like that damn, how many more times is this gonna keep happening? If you know, we’re in the midst of the Shaaban and George Floyd trial right now. And a black man gets killed for no reason. 

But the main reason why I wanted to bring this up is because hey, as celebrities, as artists, actors, models, whoever you are, use your platform to speak on these issues. Because if we don’t speak, then we’re not contributing anything positive to society. And we should, we should be investing money in community centers. We should be, you know, trying to fight for justice for everybody who has been wrongfully accused by the police for something they didn’t do. But yeah, celebrities continue to use your platforms to speak.

I was just looking on the Billboard news. I saw there were a couple celebrities that were speaking on the Duarte Wright  situation, and your voice is powerful. Your voice is golden, because we have the followers and we want the followers to understand that we know what’s going on to. We’re not just celebrities that are living this lavish lifestyle, all this money and fame and we live in a bubble. No, we’re humans too. I have to go to the store so I have to go out in public and I’ve had police follow me.

I’ve had to pull over a couple times. You know what I mean? It’s just like, you don’t know what’s gonna happen. You really don’t. But I can continue to use your platform, your platforms to speak to your audience and let them know that you’re with them, you stand with them, and that you’re fighting as much as they are.


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