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What a video NAS X!

What a video NAS X!

NAS X – Questionable Video


Recently I heard little NAS X has a hot single on the charts right now. Although I didn’t actually watch this video, everybody said that he was like giving Satan a lap dance or something like that. I don’t really care to watch any of that. I don’t condone any of that. But you know, more power to them as artists hustling and you know, getting on the charts.


Not every artist could 

say they’re on the charts. But you know, at the end of day, I know, this is all art, right? We’re all producing what we feel in our hearts, right. But you know, there’s a time where you have to know what’s good for the public to listen to and not. But you know, you can’t say he’s the only artist that puts content out there like that. There’s a bunch of artists that do that. But you know, I think what little NAS x The first single that he released that got him pop, and I think that he’s going to continue to make money off that single for the rest of his life. He’s pretty much you know, in good with his label and with fans and everything. So you

know, he’s just gonna continue to do him. I just don’t know about that video. I don’t I don’t know if I want to see it. But kids, people, whatever you see on TV, whatever you hear on the radio, do not copy that. Listen to it for what it is. It’s art and is entertaining. That’s why this is called the entertainment business because we are here to entertain. Yeah, you know, that’s all I have right now. And what you guys have a wonderful, blessed day.


Is this a good Image?



We should be cautious with what we represent in the media!

We should be cautious with what we represent in the media! There are some things that are censored so we never know the facts! The videos and photos of celebrities are not how we should interpret things! If a celebrity has a viral hit song like NAS X The Beat Game Are we supposed to take that as the way the world works? Should we just follow what the media says and not think for ourselves? As far as I am concerned there should be limits in what can be shared in the public. People need to stay vigilant with what they believe and spread it around.

What responsibility is there on the public’s side for responsible viewership?

I always used to think that  the responsibility of the public though to make sensible choices in what they watch, share and follow in mainstream media – this is what I would like to believe, but Robert Stock makes a very compelling argument regarding where the buck stops


Robert “Robby” Stock, Entertainment Lawyer:


“There’s no such thing as responsibility on the public’s side. It’s individual responsibility. Yes, at a certain age everybody gets asked to be responsible for what they see on television. But, in reality, when you’re 12 or 13 years old, a lot of kids now, they really don’t have a concept of responsible viewing. When you’re older, of course, you have a much more well-developed concept of responsibility. You know, we all have duties as part of our everyday lives. And there’s a lot of things you have to do. You have a responsibility to your family. You have a responsibility to your boss. You have a responsibility to your government. You have a responsibility to your community.

But there’s no such thing as a responsibility to the public



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