Diva’s Outreach

Diva’s Outreach

The Diva Outreach (TheDO) : Doing Good to Community : Initiated by Keldamuzik.

The Diva Outreach Is an Edutainment (Educational Entertainment) organization, promoting arts that will establish young women of all walks of life. Recording artist/actress Keldamuzik, created this non-profit to mentor and educate girls/young women who aspire to be in the arts and media industry.

Our Vision

  • Purpose – To go into schools and teach the basic fundamentals behind the media and entertainment world through on a global basis.
  • Our focus is to take under privilege kids, who don’t have the access in their environment to learn more about their goals and dreams of working in the industry and behind the scenes.
  • Through our organization, this will build self-esteem, self-worth, of our young women and to discover their hidden talents, that will put them in a position to thrive.
  • This organization built and conducted by Keldamuzik and is located in Oakland California.
  • Our goal is to operate on a global scale, partnering with other organizations, brands, schools and individuals to spread the “The DO” movement in every part of the world as possible.

Our Mission

Our goal is To Empower, Mentor, Encourage, Educate, and Entertain young girls regarding arts/media, through motivational speaking, activities and Q&A’s, to build strength, power and stamina. The workshops conducted by Keldamuzik touch on the important aspects of learning the process and hard work that it takes to achieve a career in the arts entertainment field. Educating young girls overall on their lifetime goals helps open the discussion of socialization, networking, developing friendships and being prepared for the “real world” living in society today.

Our Reach

Target Audience: Middle Schools, High Schools, young girls between the ages of 13-18. Although Keldamuzik is located in Bay Area California, The Diva Outreach is on a global scale. Kelda wants to extend herself to different schools and organizations, throughout different cities, states, countries, regions, cultures, and different ethnic backgrounds. Kelda’s background touring internationally as even helped her understand that no matter where you’re located, help and concern is always needed.

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